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    Financial Inclusion Implementation: A Study of Adaptation of Digital Payments Among Youth

      Dr. Jaya Sharma
        Asst. Professor (Commerce) Govt. Girls College, Sehore (M.P.) INDIA

  • Abstract: The economic and social development in any country is quite related with Financial Inclusion in today’s world. Financial inclusion has been explained as the availability of reliable medium for financial products and services like banking, insurance, financial advisory services etc., to various deprived sections of society and low-income group.  The offline and online payment system plays a very important role in bridging the gap between the haves and have nots.  In past two decades India has been working on developing such a system of financial service providing which is easily accessible, cost effective and risk free for its citizens. Moving forward in this way various online digital payment services have been initiated and people are now using latest technologies regarding their financial work leading to financial inclusion. This research paper focuses on the finding out various factors affecting the adoption of online banking services and other modes of digital payments specially among youth. The primary data has been collected from the students of colleges and universities situated Sehore. The collected data has been analysed, and interpretation is based on the output-derived. The data collection from the youngsters was not too easy as many of the students who come to sehore are from nearby villages and thus they hesitate to share their financial information. In this research article, an attempt has been made to study significantly on the factors affecting the utilization of online financial services. This work would contribution to the literature regarding analysis of financial inclusion.

    Keywords: Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments, Online Financial Services, Financial Literacy.