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    Importance of Sanskars in our Life

      Dr. Seema Sharma
        Professor (English ) Govt. Sanskrit College, Ujjain (M.P.)
  • ‘Sanskar’ word is derived from सम् + कृ + धञ, which means to do good, to purify, to beautify by avoiding our evils in life. To increase the value of moral values in our life is known as Sanskars. 

    Life is based on our physical as well as mental activities. India is known for the ‘Sanskars’ which are described in Vedas.

    In ‘Vyas Smriti’ 16 Sanskars are described. These are as follows :

    1) गर्भाधान, 2) पुंसवन, 3) सीमान्तोन्नयन, 4) जातकर्म, 5) नामकरण, 6) निष्क्रमण, 7) अन्नप्रा-रु39यान, 8) चूड़ाकर्म, 9) कर्मवेध, 10) उपनयन, 11) वेदारम्भ, 12) के-रु39यान्त, 13) समावर्तन, 14) विवाह, 15) विवाहाग्निगहण, 16)अग्निहोगग्रहण   

         The question arises what is the importance of Sanskars in our life. It is often said that spiritual lie education or the needs for spiritual values starts at old age. We say that when we get retired we will start reading religions books life the Gita, the Ramayan, the Mahabharat, The Bhagwat Puranas etc. This is a false myth because the need for spiritual education starts at an early age. The Sanskars become a part of our life if we are aware to give value based education since childhood.            

         So we can say that moral education, which includes the Sanskars starts with an early age. The aim of religion is for humanity. The religious books include the stories of great ideals like Rama, Krishna and other such great avatars. The aim of all these books is to create a peaceful world, full of great Sanskars. The main motto of indian philosophy is to love everyone in the Earth.