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    Role of Emotional Branding in Shaping Consumer Behavior in Luxury Goods Market

      Dr. Preeti Anand Udaipure
        Assistant Professor, Govt. Narmada College, Narmadapuram( M.P.)

  • Abstract: This study investigates how emotional branding influences consumer behavior in the market for luxury products. It looks into how luxury firms use emotional branding techniques and how it affects consumer attitudes and perceptions of luxury goods through a mixed-methods study approach. To acquire insights into emotional branding strategies and customer emotional connections with luxury brands, qualitative methodologies are used, such as in-depth interviews with marketing professionals and focus group talks with luxury consumers. Quantitative questionnaires given to a sample of high-end customers look at their opinions on brands, personalities, buy intentions, brand loyalty, and their readiness to pay premium pricing. Regression analysis is one statistical analysis technique used to examine the connections between consumer behavior metrics and emotional branding variables. The study's conclusions deepen our knowledge of how emotions play a part in premium branding and customer decision-making.

    Keywords: Emotional branding, Consumer behaviour, Luxury goods, Luxury products, Market, Consumers.