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    Acharya Vinoba Bhave A Social Reformer

      Dr. Arvind Sirohi
        Assistant Professor (Cont.) (Sociology) C.C.S.University Campus, Meerut (U.P.)
  • Introduction- Acharya Vinoba Bhave (Vinayak Narahari Bhave) well knewas a philosopher whose thought and words inspired many peoples in different ways. Millions of the followers from India and around the world know him as a scholar and a man of God. He was a great social reformer, educationist, freedom fighter and follower of Gandhian principles.Chiefly he advocates Human Rights in India and a national teacher. He was born atKolaba District, Maharashtra on 11th September 1895. His mother Rukmini Devi was a very religious lady so he believed in the supremacy of God. He totally controlled his mind as he was away from ‘Desires’ and ‘Ego’. He always wants to serve the poor peoples of the country. Strongly he advocates for land less peoples. He always strongly believes in universal brotherhood. He said that, “Water, Air and Land are the free gifts of God; it should be distributed in accordance to the need of the peoples”.

        A report in the newspaper about Gandhi’s speech at the newly founded Banaras Hindu University attracted his attention.Once Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to him, “I don’t know which adjectives I shouldgive to you. I am greatly impressed by your loving nature and strong character”. Bhave participated with keen interest in the activities at Gandhi’s ashram like e.g. studying, teaching and improving the life of the community. He went to Wardha on 8 April 1921 to take charge of the Ashram as desired by Gandhi. Vinoba Bhavelearnt various regional languages and scriptures as a student.