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    Utilizing Gamma Ray Spectrometry for Enhancing Food and Agriculture Quality Assurance

      Parth Gupta
        B.Tech, MBM University, Jodhpur (Raj.)
      Kartikey Pandey
        IDD, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi (U.P.)
      Dr. Anjul Singh
        Professor (Chemistry) PG College Dholpur, (Raj.)
  • Abstract: This research paper explores the application of gamma ray Spectrometry as a powerful tool to enhance quality assurance in the fields of food and agriculture. Gamma ray Spectrometry has gained prominence for its non-invasive and highly sensitive capabilities, allowing for the rapid and precise assessment of various quality parameters. Through a comprehensive review of the literature, this paper discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of gamma ray Spectrometry, as well as its potential implications in food safety, crop quality, and agriculture productivity. The methodology section details the instrumentation and techniques used for data collection and analysis. Furthermore, this paper discusses real-world applications in food quality control, including contaminant detection and nutrient analysis, as well as in agriculture quality control for soil and crop monitoring. It also addresses the challenges and limitations associated with gamma ray Spectrometry, along with safety considerations and regulatory aspects. The paper concludes by highlighting the future.