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    Electronic Contracts: Legal Validity and Enforcement in the Digital Age

      Dr. Rashmi Sharma
        Assistant Professor, Law, Govt. Law College, Ujjain (M.P.)
  • Abstract: “Electronic contracts (e-contracts) have become integral to modern commerce, facilitating transactions in the digital age. This paper examines the legal validity and enforcement of e-contracts, focusing on their formation, essential elements, and practical implications. It explores frameworks governing e-contracts in different jurisdictions, and discusses key challenges and opportunities in their implementation. By examining case studies and emerging trends, this research sheds light on the evolving landscape of electronic contracting and provides insights for policymakers, businesses, and legal practitioners navigating this complex terrain.”

    Keywords: e-contracts, electronic contracts, contract law, digital transactions, legal validity, formation process, enforcement mechanisms, challenges, opportunities, blockchain, smart contracts, artificial intelligence, data security, dispute resolution.