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    India and UNSC Reforms

      Pallavi Sharma
        Masters in Political Science, Jammu University, Jammu (J&K)
  • Abstract: India's growing involvement in the UN is based on its unwavering belief that communication and multilateralism are essential to accomplishing common objectives and resolving issues that the international community faces together. India was one of the few United Nations members to sign the Washington, D.C., Declaration on January 1, 1942.1945 saw the establishment of the Security Council and other major UN bodies.The UN Charter's ideals, which uphold international peace and security, serve as the foundation for the UN's operations This research paper begins by Introduction of the Function and Powers of the security council then by mapping historical association and interest of India with UN as a whole especially with the security Council and its perspective on the various categories of membership, desire to gain permanent seat, rising stature of India at world level especially in Post COVID era and need for reformed Multilateralism in the current geopolitically Multipolar world.

    Keywords: India, Security Council, G4 United Nations, ,Multilateralism, Veto power.