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    A Study on Academic and Industry Collaboration to Identified and Managing the Skill Gap

      Dr. Bhavana Likhitkar
        Associate Professor, LNCT, Bhopal (M.P.)
  • Abstract: Academic system certainly believes in development of skill set which are crucial for the interest of job market. For the successful implementation of plan it is the prime responsibility of academic institutes to be in regular contact of industry and the advancement taking place in the demand of skills for recruitment. The alliance of academics and industry can only become beneficial if sincere attention is paid towards the present and future perspectives of education system. Despite of an increase in number of educational institutes since independence, the quality of education is still a big question mark in present era. A close nit alliance between academics and industry can work as a reward and motivation for the education system. A weak interface between academic system and industry is the result of many problem areas. The problem needs to be identified minutely and design of solutions should be drafted to attain objectives of bringing a fruitful alliance of academics and industry.

    Keywords:Academics, Industry, Alliance, Motivation, Reward, Job market.