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    Environmental Pollution Control Management: Today's Growing Need And Requirement

      Dr. Sunil Kumar Soni
        Assistant Professor (Chemistry) Govt. Kusum PG College, Seoni Malwa, Dist. Narmadapuram (M.P.)
      Dr. S.K.Udaipure
        Professor (Chemistry) Govt. N.M.V. College, Narmadapuram (M.P.)
  • Abstract: The problem of environmental pollution is as old as human civilization on the earth. As soon as man became cultured and civilized he started exploiting Mother Nature for his own purpose such as food, shelter clothing etc. But when population of human being increased rapidly in the world it started mercilessly exploiting the natural resources for the selfish motives of human needs. In this research paper I would like to usher the main causes of the environmental pollution and the ways to manage factors which are responsible for pollution and its effect on nature.

    In this research paper I would also like to delve the way by which we individual can contribute our maximum efforts to protect our environment to manage our way of life such a way that can care our nature and preserve it for future generations.

    Keywords: Environment, pollution, civilization, exploitation