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    MP Startup Policy 2022: A Roadmap To Self-Reliant

      Dr. Pawan Pushpad
        Assistant Professor, Sage University, Indore (M.P.)
  • Abstract: The objective of this research paper is to assess the concentration of investment in Madhya pradesh State level startup ecosystem and to assess the performance of MP Government Startup Policy 2022 launched for benefitting startups in the State. Descriptive Characteristics were used to explain the policy.
        The performance of MP Government Startup Policy 2022 meant for startups is limited. This study contributes to scant academic literature available on investment trends and performance of MP Government Startup Policy 2022 related to State’s startups. It highlights huge spatial and sectorial benefits of the Government Initiative.
        This paper is intent to explore the major Characteristics of the policy and Incentive to startups in Madhya Pradesh and discuss the various opportunities of startups in State by using a literature-based analysis.
    Keywords: Startup, Entrepreneurship, Action Plan, Substantial effort, Incentive to Startups, Innovation,
    G.S.R. notification.