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    Human Resources Policy and Practices in the Hospitality Industry: A Review

      Ankita Sulya
        Research Scholar, Vikram University, Ujjain (M.P.)
  • Abstract: The hospitality industry is characterized by its people-centric nature, making effective human resources (HR) policies and practices critical for organizational success. This review paper explores the evolving landscape of HR policy and practices within the hospitality sector, examining key trends, challenges, and best practices. Drawing upon a comprehensive analysis of academic literature, industry reports, the paper evaluates the impact of HR policies on employee recruitment, training, retention, and overall organizational performance. Additionally, it investigates the role of HR technology, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and regulatory compliance in shaping HR practices within the hospitality industry. Furthermore, the paper delves into the unique challenges faced by hospitality organizations, such as high turnover rates, seasonal workforce fluctuations, and the importance of service quality in guest satisfaction. Through a synthesis of empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks, this review identifies strategies and recommendations for hospitality HR practitioners to enhance employee engagement, talent management.This paperattempt to give an overview of how human resource management is done in the hotel business and in general. Along with HRM practices, the paper also discussed about the level of services at hotels and customer satisfaction.

    Keywords: human resources (HR),hotel, customer satisfaction,hospitality industry.