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    Emerging Technologies in Cyber Security- How Best to Protect us from Cyber Threats

      Sudhish Kumar
        Asst. Prof. (Maths.) Govt. College, Khurai, Distt. Sagar (M.P.)
  • Abstract: The concept of cyber security refers to cracking the security mechanisms that break in dynamic environments. In present days there is race between cyber threats and the mechanism of cyber security. With the advent of AI (artificial intelligence), chatGPT, machine learning data analytics we are living in the world in the fast changing world of virtual reality. Most of us and our systems in working environment regularly face ever increasing threat of cyber breaches and crimes and our bank accounts and as well as our children are exposed to hackers and cyber criminals. In this research paper we analyze the importance of use of modern technologies for the purpose of cyber security in a lucid manner and other related topics like ethical hacking.